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Posted by on Jan 22, 2016 | 4 comments

DAY TWENTY: 21 Days of Prayer For Your Business

21 Days DAILY Ads-20

DAY TWENTY…Oh, this is a GOOD GOOD topic today. It is…OH MY WORD. Back in May of 2008, Pastor Chris did a sermon series titled this…PURSUIT OF JOY. This message was a GAME CHANGER, LIFE CHANGER for Jer and I back in the day. This message came at the PERFECT time in our lives and the things we were facing. THE. PERFECT. TIME. We were in the middle of a LOT of junk in our lives, and now that I can look back on the timeline of life, it was about to get a WHOLE LOT harder. I am TELLING YOU….THIS SERMON SERIES was HUGE HUGE HUGE in our lives. I want to challenge you over the next month to commit to watching it in your spare time…ACTUALLY, you know what…don’t give it your spare time…MAKE TIME for this series. I KNOW it will bless you.

Pursuit of Joy Message One: No Matter What

Pursuit of Joy Message Two: You Go First

Pursuit of Joy Message Three: Maintaining Your Joy

Pursuit of Joy Message Four: Never Ending Joy

I am going to give a few spoilers in today’s post…so I apologize in advance if you plan on watching the series…but it can never hurt to hear something more than once. This series touches on the topic that we ALLLLLLLL need to grasp and understand…our HAPPINESS usually comes from EXTERNAL things…circumstances, by chance….but JOY…well it’s internal, it can be found in CHRIST, and it’s also a CHOICE. Joy is pretty much a decision we make…we can DECIDE to embrace joy. We can be joyful even in our trials. Paul is the PERFECT example of being JOYFUL in trials. His plans didn’t work out like he was thinking…he was stuck in prison, chained to a guard…FOR TWO YEARS. He didn’t complain, he didn’t think God had left him, he didn’t wish he chose a different path, he didn’t question WHY he was there…he CONSIDERED IT PURE JOY. Paul, over the course of his life had been beaten FIVE TIMES, stoned, shipwrecked, bitten by a snake….and the man just maintained JOY. How? Why? Because his joy was INTERNAL, inside of him…not based on the external and the circumstances….His joy was a CHOICE. His joy was because of Christ. His “happenings” looked pretty horrible, but he knew his WHY.

If you have been in network marketing or really any type of business for more than 10.2 seconds, you have heard….DISCOVER YOUR WHY. We think it’s something a smart business person thought up to motivate and inspire people, but HELLO, it started all the way back in the Bible days…Paul knew his WHY, therefore he had GREAT JOY. When things didn’t work out like he had planned, well he just went back to his WHY. When he got beat, he thought of WHY he was doing this. When he got put in prison, he embraced his WHY there. He did NOT let things get the best of him, defeat him, stop him….he kept on pursuing his WHY, wherever he was…therefore he had JOY…because listen to me you guys….you can NOT dictate your HAPPENINGS, junk happens…people will upset you, hurt you, let you down. Plans will change, companies may go under, jobs may be lost…but if you are ROOTED in a WHY, you are unstoppable. Not one single person can steal your WHY.

Over the last 20 days we have talked about a LOT of things. We have prayed about a LOT of things…but I am telling you, listen to me….you have GOT to be on a PURSUIT OF JOY which comes from something INTERNAL…inside of you….if you can’t discover this…well, I hate to be a Debbie Downer, but hard times are going to be even harder for you.

My prayer is that we ALL can embrace Philippians 4:11-12 and find this CONTENTMENT.

I am not saying this because I am in need, for I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances. I know what it is to be in need, and I know what it is to have plenty. I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation, whether well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want. 

The company I am with, well maybe I don’t need to speak for everyone in my company…at least my personal organization, is experiencing a small drop in volume from this time last month. Our human minds, when we see something like this, goes into FREAK OUT MODE. I HIGHLY encourage people to keep up with their numbers from month to month….but you can’t let dips here and there DICTATE your JOY. We are all on a mission, we are all on a path…and for me, my WHY..the reason I am doing what I’m doing, is based on SO MUCH more than monthly numbers. Now, here me out…I get it…monthly numbers ARE important and you are NOT bad if this bothers you when you see dips…it’s a topic in the McLean household CONSTANTLY of how we can work through dips…but it does NOT need to steal your JOY.

Alright guys. I am going to go ahead and wrap up today’s post…I REALLY want you to read through Philippians today. Look at Paul’s life and let it inspire you. Make time over the next couple of weeks to listen to the Pursuit of Joy series. I KNOW it will bless you.

Alright, let’s pray.

Jesus. We are on a PURSUIT to find JOY. We don’t want our happenings, our circumstances, the things that come our way to DICTATE our JOY….our JOY is found in YOU…our joy is a CHOICE. Lord, I pray that you give everyone watching, reading, participating in this 21 days series a DEEP DEEP PUPOSE…a WHY. I pray that whatever trials, circumstance, issues they face, that they will be ROOTED in a why that holds them like an anchor and doesn’t let them sway from their mission. I am CONFIDENT that you have made each and every person reading this UNIQUE, with special gifts and talents for such a time as this…LORD, may they discover those things and NEVER waiver in what you have put before them…may their joy be found IN YOU. I love you Jesus and thank you so much for speaking to Jer and I back in 2008 through this series…the PURSUIT OF JOY. It blessed our lives. I thank you for your WORD and the stories that are there to encourage us and put us on the path to what REALLY matters in this life….You are AWESOME JESUS. Amen.

Ok guys…did you do your homework from yesterday??? ENCOURAGING OTHERS??? Well, you have more homework today…read through Philippians and try at least checking out the first message linked above from Pastor Chris. It will MAKE YOUR DAY. Alright, I love you guys. I can’t wait to see you back here tomorrow…we are talking all about YOU…and how YOU ARE A WORLD CHANGER. Can’t wait to see you back here!



  1. Thank you for this 21 Days! It’s been so valuable!! Just had to share that last night I had the opportunity to encourage someone! I was supposed to be having a class when I saw a boy walking by with no coat, wearing shorts. It’s cold here in Nebraska!! I asked him if he needed a ride. When we got in the car, he started crying and telling me all about his horrible day! God didn’t want me teaching a class, He wanted me caring for this child. Praise you Jesus that you have me this opportunity to encourage someone!! Truly, I was blessed more than this boy!!

  2. Your 21 Days of Prayer for Your Business came at THE PERFECT TIME in my oily journey. I’m so thankful for you. Your words have been life-giving, refreshing, like a cool breeze and energizing. God is using you and I pray He will do the same in my life. I look forward to hearing all the past videos and future!

  3. All through this series I saw principles you shared lived out in the life of one of my friends, who is also my Zumba instructor, I sent her a message of how this series has inspired me and some of the principles I’ve seen in how she handles her Zumba business.

  4. Just watched Message 1 from Pastor Chris, and it was wonderful! To live a life like Paul, Lord Jesus help us all! Truly blessed already, can’t wait to watch the rest of the series! Thank you so much Monique for sharing! Love your heart!


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